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Agha’s Sportfishing ( the headquarters of saltwater sportfishing in Pakistan ) was established in 1985 in Karachi, with the prime purpose of promoting sea fishing in the country.  It organizes offshore sportfishing tournaments, provides fishing guide service, sells charters and takes out fishing publications that also highlight environmental issues. The organization’s mission statement reads thus “Agha’s Sportfishing’s objectives are founded on the belief that the entire marine environment alongwith its wealth, that is its habitants, gamefish species and related food chain are economic, social, recreational and aesthetic assets, which must be conserved, protected, promoted, widely used and perpetuated. That, sportfishing is an important  recreational, social and economic activity about which  the public must be educated to pursue in a manner consistent with sound sporting, ethical and conservation practices”. The company also promotes  marine environmental causes.


In the boundless search to find a fishing outlet in Karachi, which impacts free fishing knowledge and know how, and with it carries a wide range of fishing tackle, in a pleasing and organized atmosphere, where you'll get to learn the what, when, where and how of saltwater fishing in Pakistan.


If you are a nature and outdoor lover, then saltwater fishing is the sport for you. After all, the adventure and joy of Karachi's outdoor wilderness, fishing in the virgin blue waters, may turn out to be one of the finest and exciting investments of your lifetime, for you and maybe your entire family.


We invite you to kindly pay us a visit at our newest outlet and showroom, for perhaps buying your first ever fishing rod and reel and maybe getting hooked to the Marine Environment for good. This tackle buying experience you will never regret and is worth the money.


With us, you will learn "that fishing is fun, fish is bonus".


Sportfishing is not something one associated with the coast of Karachi but now thanks to Aziz Agha, his Kingfishers club and Agha’s Sportfishing, many people have been drawn to this healthy outdoor sport. Agha has single handedly made sportfishing a hobby for many and created a service industry for the same. His contribution towards raising awareness about a wonderful coast, the fishes and their endangered habitat has made many of us realize what a beautiful gift we have in the form of coast and the sea and we must respect and save it for the future people. Shehri is proud to have Aziz Agha as its member and wish him well in his future environmental endeavors.



Amber Alibhai

General Secretary

Shehri - CBE


What We do :

  • Promoters of the Marine Environment

  • Organizers of Offshore Fishing Tournaments

  • Dealers in Fishing Tackle. Sale/purchase/exchange

  • Sport fishing Guides and Charter Operators

  • Publishers of Marine Literature

  • Saltwater Angling Record Keepers

  • Co-ordinators of Seminars, Workshops and Talk Shows on the marine environment


Agha's Sportfishing has played a pivotal role in promoting watersports, more specially offshore sportfishing, in this recreation starved city. Their concern towards conservation of the marine habitat and their campaign against illegal fish netting, cutting down of mangroves and sea pollution are to be appreciated. All these efforts can go a long way for the promotion of local and foreign tourism along our shores.



Ahsan M. Saleem
Crescent Steel & Allied Products Ltd


Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you will feed him for life.

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