The Kingfishers

Kingfishers Club

Pioneers of saltwater sportfishing in Pakistan


Kingfishers Club was formed in January 1984 by a group of fishing enthusiasts who had fished together since the early seventies. They started off in saltwater fishing by handlining from stationery boats and from time to time, the Kingfishers tried experimenting with rarely done trolling. Gradually, over the years, the Kingfishers presented to the anglers of Karachi, the ways and know-how of local saltwater fishing. The sportfishing community has since then, increased from a few individuals to a few thousands that include ladies and children.


The Kingfishers, anglers who introduced salt water fishing in Pakistan, organized tournaments amongst Club members and introduced rules of angling. All this led to improvement in the  skills of the sportsmen and promotion of ethical angling in Pakistan. The Club brought out yearbooks which were very informative to the satlwater anglers of Karachi. Identification of fishes, world records, maps showing fishing grounds with location where fish of different species could be found. Advice on fishing tackle and trolling methods. Sea food cooking recipes and profiles of the members, were all to be found in these publications.


The Club provides service of identifying and weighing saltwater fish catches and maintaining records. It is life member of IGFA. (The International Game Fish Association) based in the U.S.A. Its founder President, Syed Aziz Agha being the first IGFA representative in Pakistan.


Members of the Kingfishers actively voice marine enviromental problems and have kept on campaigning for the conservation of the marine habitat. For lessening trawl netting near the Karachi coast and banning of katra-netting and bolla-netting, which is destroying the marine food chain. For treatment of the effluents of Lyari and Malir Rivers which are folwing industrial and domestic pollutants into the sea. Preservation of mangroves which is the breeding ground and nursery for many species of marine life. The Kingfishers have also voiced for the promotion of all watersports and tourism, both local and international.


A basic infra-structure for all watersports (pier, jetty and break water wall) is that what is needed for the proper promotion of saltwater sportfishing in Karachi and is the immediate requirement for the Kingfishers Clubs survival.


The Kingfishers  -  A different kettle of fish


Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you will feed him for life.

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