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As the world's leader in recreational fishing and game fish conservation, IGFA is proud of the work that our International Representative Syed Aziz Agha, is accomplishing in Pakistan. We now have 325 representatives in over 120 countries around the world.

These individuals, like Syed Aziz Agha, are working in their local communities to make a difference. His organization Agha's Sportfishing, provides a very effective media to inform anglers on what they can do to help preserve the fisheries resources for future generations. We must not be discouraged when opposing threats to the resources that we love and enjoy.


Rob Kramer
President IGFA
International Game Fish Association



Syed Aziz Agha is a sport fishing promoter, a saltwater fishing guide, environmentalist, photographer, freelance journalist and writer, all rolled into one.


Aziz Agha has been interviewed and reported by all the major newspapers, magazines and T.V.Channels that include: Herald, Dawn, The News, Newsline, Daily Times, Star, Daily News, Daily Jung, Ummat, Jassarat, Wildlife & Environment, Sejour, Bonjour, Hamsafar, Rabaata, Avari, PTV, Dawn News TV, Geo, ARY, Indus News, MTV, Hum, Vibe etc.

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Introduced offshore fishing in Pakistan as an outdoor sport, hobby and recreation.

Holder of 2 major offshore Local Angling records. Namely, The heaviest fish on spinning tackle on 29th March 2000 ( 77 lbs Trevally) on 30 lbs fishing line and on 17th Dec, 2003, became the first angler from Pakistan to catch all three species of Marlin ( Black, Blue and Striped ) found of our coast.


  • 1972 Avid saltwater fisherman for nearly 3 and half decades now. Has fished in major fishing destinations in the world including Tropic Star Lodge, Panama.

  • 1984 Founded the first Saltwater Fishing Club called the Kingfishers Club as President.

  • 1984 Started career as freelance journalist, and started record keeping of all saltwater angling gamefish.

  • 1985 Became the first saltwater fishing guide in Pakistan.

  • 1988 Started publishing fishing magazines as Editor.

  • 1990 Became Pakistan representative of the I.G.F.A. (International Game Fish Association).

  • 1990 Organized the First Karachi Offshore Sportfishing Tournament.

  • 1992 Started the Arabian Sea Sportfishing Tournament

  • 1994 Started Charter Party Boat Fishing.

  • 1995 Constructed the first wooden party fishing boat (47ft).

  • 1997 Launched the Pakistan Billfish Tournament.

  • 1998 Effected the first Tag & Release of Marlin in Pakistan.

  • 1999 Reappointed Pakistan representative of the IGFA.

  • 2000 Participated in the Marlin World Cup in Mauritius.

  • 2000 Caught a 77 lbs giant trevally and created a local saltwater angling record for catching the heaviest fish on spining tackle.

  • 2003 Became the first angler on a Keamari Launch to land 2 Marlins in a single day. Thus becoming the first ever angler from Pakistan to land all the three species of Marlin found in our waters.

  • 2005 Developed the first web site on "What, When, Where and How" Of Saltwater Sportfishing in Pakistan.

  • 2006 Authored "Guide to Saltwater Sportfishing in Pakistan" the first book on the subject in the country.

  • 2008 Organized Agha's Marine Gala "DISCOVER MARINE PAKISTAN".

Aziz Agha deserves all the praise for taking out 'fear of the sea' from the hearts of many Karachi citizens through his single handed efforts of promoting sportfishing. He brings out publications that educates the people on the marine environment, which in turn builds a culture of respecting Mother Nature. Agha has been propagating the need for developing a proper infrastructure to promote water sports, more specially deep sea sportfishing, as this will encourage a lot of local tourism.


Khursheed Ali
Wildlife & Environment


Over the years, Syed Aziz Agha and his fellow anglers have created awareness not only about the sports potential of the Arabian Sea but also the marine environment that needs to be preserved. Indeed, Agha has actively campaigned against pollution of the sea and illegal netting of fish that seriously threatens the marine environment. He deserves to be complimented for his dedication and services to this great cause.


Jurgen Konig
Managing Director
Merck Marker (Pvt) Ltd


The services of Syed Aziz Agha for promoting sportfishing are commendable. Due to his sincere efforts, sportfishing has gained good popularity. His organization, Agha's Sportfishing is also raising voice against deterioration of the marine environment,which should be upheld and supported by the public and private sector.


Commodore Syed Tayyab Naqvi
Ex Chairman KFHA
Karachi Fish Harbour Authority


Aziz Agha first book  was launched on 6th May 2007.

It's called Agha's "Guide to Saltwater Sportfishing in Pakistan".

This is the first book from the Subcontinent on this subject.

Contact us to buy your copy now.

Read & Enjoy "the joy of fishing" with us. 

Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you will feed him for life.

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