Our Aims

  • To boost the country's economy through the promotion of healthy marine  sports and recreation, more specially saltwater fishing, pleasure boating and snorkelling.
  • To create public awareness to enjoy the many pleasures and bounties that the Arabian Sea holds, to bring people outdoors, close to "Mother Nature", to discover marine Pakistan.
  • To augment Pakistan's international image by building the proper infrastructure to establish angling tourism for both local and foreign tourists.
  • To educate our citizens to learn and understand, to conserve and protect our rich marine life and eco system.
  • To develop a culture to experience and appreciate marine sport and heritage.
  • To get Pakistan established and recognized as a saltwater fishing destination.
  • To catch and release all fish that will not be consumed as food.

Agha's Sportfishing, under the dedicated efforts of Aziz Agha, has contributed substantially in the development of saltwater angling in Pakistan. A field, hardly known to anyone, prior to their patronage.



Mohammed Moazzam Khan
Director MFD
Marine Fisheries Department
Government of Pakistan



People of Karachi are well aware of the dedication and hard work Agha’s Sportfishing is putting in for creating awareness to preserve the marine environment and eco-system. For many decades now, Aziz Agha, his organization and his team of enthusiastic anglers and environmentalists, with the diverse endeavors, have done a wonderful job in educating the citizens to the marvels and wealth of the Arabian sea and the multi-million dollar tourism potential that the Karachi shore holds.



Syed Munsif Raza

Ex Managing Director

Pakistan Petroleum Ltd.



Aziz Agha’s Name needs no introduction as he has been working relentlessly for the past 30 years to make people, government and the concerned officials aware of the need to keep our seas clean and accessible. Agha has made huge contributions to promote sportfishing.



Mr. Khalid Mehmood

MD and CEO

Getz Pharma Pvt Ltd.


Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you will feed him for life.

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